Night visitations, ghosts, spirit guides, messengers, dreams – vital signs

I behold when a person dies His soul returns to earth:
Another mother gives him birth, Arrayed in some new flesh disguise,
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain
The old soul takes the road again – John Masefield

Nightlight companion still active

I mentioned the nightlight taking a break. When it goes dark for a few weeks, instead of hours or days, I start to wonder if that means it has burned out. I still connect with the energy, but the bulb – how long can it last? The activity resumed again on the 28th. Not burned out. Once again – the routine is restored to normal. I am relieved. 25 years of interaction. Amazing.

EVP – hearing voices

The little things. In the background of the track I recorded this morning, I heard fragments of conversation. Not words that could be understood – and so faint as to blend under the music bed – but it was there – and nothing else was being recorded. The house was silent. This sound registered as an EVP – an audible presence.

I wanted Andy to hear what I recorded and explained how it just showed up in the middle of the track. It triggered his memory. He told me a funny thing happened in the middle of the night. There was a voice in his right ear. The left ear was in the pillow. It was female – a bit like my voice – somehow familiar.

Again, if I had not asked him to listen to the conversation in the background of my voice track, we would not have had that conversation because there would have been no trigger. Me telling him my experience, was the prompt he needed to remember that event.

I am lucky to be able to compare notes. When and if I do see or hear something odd, I share that information with Andy. Did he too see the shadow figure walking through the house and through the walls? Did he notice the dog [or cat] watching the phantom activity in the corner of the room? Things happen. We talk.

Dream messengers

Each shift in consciousness brings in new energies, expansion of awareness and knowing. Accompanied by specific guides, I am sometimes given names and/or a clue in a dream as to what or who might be helping me on the spirit plane.

“It’s a very honest, ordinary ability, that each one of you has. And you have witnessed it on a very little basis, but you will call it chance and coincidence… Is it?”

– Alex Tanous

I interviewed J.M. DeBord about his recent book, Nightmares. He included the visitation dream I had about Alex Tanous.

I had been reading about Dr. Tanous at the time and was impressed at his list of accomplishments. An incredibly gifted psychic, extensively documented. Detailed in the book, Beyond Coincidence: One Man’s Experiences With Psychic Phenomena, Amazon.


A brief highlight. He “Performed unexplained physical feats such as stopping watches, breaking cameras, turning off the electric lights in a room without touching the switch, projecting visible images from his eyes, creating photographic balls of light in totally dark rooms; and “Left his body,” under rigorous scientific controls, “projected himself” to another room, moved an object in that room, and returned.”

The Alex Tanous Foundation offers more information. Link.


In my dream, Dr. Tanous showed up in a flamboyant fashion, arriving in a black car, dressed in black, purposefully striding up to me and handing me two items. In my left hand he gave me a small box, wrapped with a bow, a present. In my right hand he gave me a living celery stalk, started from the heart of the older stalk. He then flashed a million dollar smile and returned to the car. I am relating this to the best of my memory – the present and the celery stalk. Metaphors.

Prior to talking with Jason (J.M. DeBord), I had another dream connection with a psychic/shaman.

The Shaman

In the dream, I was maneuvering a control panel on a large view screen in a room that also functioned as a conference room. I tried to stabilize the view but the console would not respond. I recognize a man who was my uncle (deceased) as he walks by. I know him by his first name. I am frustrated with the situation. Clearly, I have no control and there is no need for me to continue. I say out loud, “I am going to leave.” The man who is my uncle says, “You are needed here.”

Briefly awake, I ask my guides if the dream means I am working with my uncle. They say no. This is not my uncle. The man this relates to has the same first name.

Dreaming again, I am now standing on a gravestone. My feet are blocking the letters in the first part of the name but the letters in the last part are ‘s t o n’. The length indicates more letters. This is a partial word with the first name John. He can help me.

John _ — ston. Deceased. I do locate the name and the man. Given the timing of my interview with Jason, the topics we discuss, and the events in play on a larger scale, the information is needed. John Livingston is the author of Adversaries Walk Among Us: The History, Nature, And Removal Of Possessing Demons And Spirits, Amazon. I now have the book.

Having encountered adversaries on the dream plane, in addition to other interlopers who occasionally drop in unannounced to stir the dust on the physical plane, it helps to know how to respond or how to enlist support when confronted by ETs, ghosts, deceased, and assorted unknowns.

I am not the only one who might find this information helpful. Entirely relevant, given the topic of the second segment of the interview with Jason. His Nightmare: an entity who stalked him in the dream time – for 30 years. Interview.

The guides steered me to John Livingston to provide help to others who are caught up and/ or trapped in circumstances that are based in realities few understand how to reconcile. The timing was intentional and related to Jason’s nightmare. Following up with the direction suggested in the dream, I have an upcoming interview scheduled with one of John’s students. When we spoke, I told her how I found her information and the prompt for the contact.

Clean house

January is a great time to do some house cleaning. I’ll post when the interviews are available. While it is helpful to recognize and address the existence of Adversaries, it is equally important to acknowledge the ever-presence of higher guidance, Spirit Helpers, Angels, Saints and others we have yet to label. Synchronicity? Along with the dream information, I was given the names of two new helpers to call on.

When I requested help returning to a focus on Miracles, I had no agenda. My first request to focus on Miracles as I studied the Course in Miracles produced the Nightlight adventure. And now, the names given suggest a specific and direct response to the request. I asked who could help me. The answer (in my case at this time): St. Anthony and Archangel Gabriel.

How does that work? Research the information, study the history, listen for insight, follow the guidance and life happens. Take notes!

In asking for assistance addressing your unique circumstances, ask for that which serves your highest good. Each has a purpose. When you call – be prepared for an answer.


2 thoughts on “Night visitations, ghosts, spirit guides, messengers, dreams – vital signs

  1. Thank you for all you are sharing here on WordPress and also on your podcast. I‘ve enjoyed listening to your old podcasts all the way back to the first one in 2016. And I enjoyed reading some of the books of your podcasts, like John Foster’s books, the Thiaoouba Prophecies, and When the Horses Whisper, and some more. So many gems, such fascinating information! Thank you again!

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  2. Hi Karin – Thank you for sharing the details about the shows and books that caught your attention. I find this stuff so interesting and have a hard time narrowing the scope to select the topic. I appreciate knowing that it finds an audience! There are so many fascinating things happening in our world. Glad to be here and passing it forward. Cheers!!

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