Out with … and then it became new again

“Thousands of people have talent. I might as well congratulate you for having eyes in your head. The one and only thing that counts is: Do you have staying power?” – Noel Coward.

A few notes on Noel Coward and Blithe Spirit on Broadway (2009). “Blithe Spirit “fell into my mind and on to the manuscript,” Coward later wrote of writing the play in less than a week.” Link.

How did we get here? One day at a time.

Social Media gambit –

  • I tweet Twitter: Been there awhile. Note: Increased shouting – all hail the ever expanding and mostly blocked pron tire-kickers.
  • I toot – (yeah, that’s the lingo) Mastodongiving the site a try. Still learning.
  • Comedy Highlights: Dropped Mike@rebrafsim@universeodon.com

    Interviewer: can I get your references?
    Me: sighing probably not; nobody else does.
  • I PostIn beta mode and looks like a playing field that might be easier for me to relate to. 300,000 or so are in the mix with some 600,000 on the wait list. Working out the kinks and last I heard expected to be open to all in about 6 weeks. That – of course – is a guestimate. So far, lots to like about the format. Unified and very similar to twitter.

Life is a lark

Instagram Influencers richer … than most of us. Pets.

Evidence. Real and Unreal. Hobbits.

Skinwalker Ranch – More than a paranormal blip on the radar. The enigma has history. And continues to confound. “Actually, we have strange accounts from specifically on the ranch dating back to the 1930s. The hundreds of events documented in the Junior Hicks files go back to 1950.”Twitter/Brandon Fugal batting at trolls.

Comet watch. “People in the Northern Hemisphere could be able to view it starting in late January.” NASA.

Women UFO researchers and the [s-o-s] stigma. Daily Mail.

Public Domain 2023. Sherlock Holmes and the ‘ice cream’ song. CNN.

Where to wander for dreaming, imagining and wondering. Fantasy. Twitter and Instagram.

A win for the Bees. “By routinely failing to protect endangered species when registering pesticides–thereby forcing the public to sue to obtain protections that should be automatic–EPA is “engaging in a whack-a-mole strategy for complying with the ESA,” the court stated.” Source.

And this little Hippo arrived for Christmas. Source.

Enter the realm of Outstanding. Erik’s website: Link.

Other Realms

The Nirumbee. “To keep the peace, in addition to respecting their space, the Crow made regular offerings to them at the base on the Medicine Rocks where it is said they dwelled but allowed some visitors.” – The Little People of Pryor Mountain.

Off world travel “Rene Olsen´s 310 page diary, Other Civilizations. Journey To Another Star System, is certainly a contactee book different from everything else published in the genre. The 169 days diary is richly illustrated with beautiful drawings by Rene and also a few of the photos given him by the Visitors.” Håkan Blomqvist´s blog

Fascination with Tulpas. Thoughtforms: Magic Rabbits & Polar Bears. “If consciousness has this property to divide and extend itself then this provides a context for understanding many of the otherwise bewildering aspects of poltergeists cases.” Source.

Utah UFO Display – A Biologist’s Report: Uintah Basin & rethinking the contexts for Skinwalker Ranch. Professor WHAM YouTube.

Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy, Michael LeFlem, Amazon.
Podcast interview TRUTHIVERSE Link. (I’ll follow-up with our interview later in the month.)

Miracle Lite – When ONE guy thinks the song is going to be a HUGE hit – and NO one else does. And then it happens. WHO let the DOGs out by Baha Men. The story. (Our cue to let Gracie outside – she made her dog toy sing the song.)

Miracle Serious – Guy drives off cliff – nearly 300 ft. drop. Everyone survives. Guardian.

Good stuff happens here. (On planet earth.) Don’t believe it? Choose better headlines. Thanks for hanging out with me! Cheers to “Live long and prosper!”


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