Something shiny: Debris. Real and unreal.

“Karin calls the other reality she perceives during her experiences the “fourth dimension.” “It’s what we call illusion, but it’s not illusion. It’s not illusion. It exists. It’s there. That’s where they live. . . . You don’t use language when you’re in this other experience. You use color, and you have vibration and everything else.” Space/time in this dimension, she says, is “irrelevant.”John E. Mack, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, Amazon.

Deep-sixed in the Restricted Section

Starting with the CBS Interview.

Turns out there is a trigger word flagged by social media followers. That word: Debris.

Connecting a dot

Consider this interview excerpt with Diana Pasulka from Vox.

Blindfolded and taken to an undisclosed site in New Mexico. (Reminiscent of a similar experience documented by Ingo Swann in Penetration, Amazon.)

Consider the term Debris. Consider her description of what she was shown. Consider this information is intended to remain off-limits to the general public.

  • Sean Illing – Can you describe what you found? What did it look like? Why was it so strange?

    Diana Pasulka – It’s very hard to describe. One of the materials, a kind of metal alloy, looked like metallic frog skin. There was another material we found, but I was asked by Tyler not to describe it publicly or in the book. But if you’re looking for more context about the sort of materials we found, you can read the New York Times story that ran in 2017.

Jumping to another thread. Pasulka references the Invisible College, Amazon, in the Vox interview.

Following that cue. From the book summary: “Today this low-profile network, or “invisible college,” has grown into a larger, multi-nation volunteer research effort joined by many individuals. But the questions first raised 40 years ago remain current-and unanswered.”

How did Pasulka’s view change as a result of this exploration?

“The challenge began when I met the meta-experiencers, the scientists who studied the experiencers and the phenomenon…. [it] brought about something that … John Mack called an epistemological shock” – Diane Pasulka

“When looking at the documentation, or the proliferation of a belief, there is no need to consider whether the belief is justified or not if one is just analyzing its social effects and influence.” American Cosmic, Diane Pasulka, Amazon Affiliat Link.

Real and/or imagined – Belief empowers behavior unless/until experience trumps belief. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the public attitude regarding the existence of UFOs.

What was once vehemently denied, shunned, considered fantasy, delusion and fiction is now recognized (with government acknowledgement) as a legitimate entity worthy of further nuts and bolts research. (Not to suggest that the research has ever stopped.)

UFOs are real. For some, that is a new realization. For others, official acknowledgement has been a matter of timing. Some are also privy to certain knowing there is much more to this enigma than nuts and bolts – even as that more aspect remains intentionally omitted, avoided, side-stepped, and downplayed in the mainstream media (an observation, not a criticism).

A comparison. The challenge to reconcile our reality with an enigma that exists so far beyond our comprehension forces us to grasp for some form of language to make tangible the ineffable.

Even if we can’t describe or quantify it just yet, Experiencers are evidence for the existence. Unfortunately, that reconciliation requires a longer timeline, to facilitate comprehension, integration, and validation of the PSI factor. (The primary hang-up is TelepathyMind Speak.)

Eventually the shoe will drop – on all this other murky, fluffy, hazy, half-here and out-there stuff, because, ultimately, those who make determinations on revelation are outside of any higher authority recognized in our dimension. How very convenient.

Do you see it yet? Just a nifty experiment to see who is paying attention. Choose your rabbit hole. More will be revealed. That is how evolution works.


Goldens I have encountered, babysat and loved are incredibly transparent in their expression of emotions. This beautiful dog is no exception. Watch the breathing pattern. Relief and gratitude. The bond is sealed.

On to Greater Rewards

“He who kisses joy as it flies by will live in eternity’s sunrise.” – William Blake


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