Richard O’Connor: UFOs, Nuclear Weapons, and a New Age of Reason – the Jesse A. Marcel Library, and Crop Circles

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.” – John Lennon

It has been presented by numerous contactees that humans are a project and being watched by an overseer – not of human origin. We have been prevented and warned by those others not to push the button to end life as we know it, and yet – here we are – at 100 seconds to midnight. (Doomsday clock.)

What if humans are not the point of the project? Could it be that the life-worth-saving is that which won’t/can’t push the kill switch? Something Richard O’Connor said during our interview, about a voice he heard, made me think about that: Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview.

UFO Experiencer John Foster mentions a similar encounter with a disembodied voice: Link. This 1991 article was written shortly after his coming to terms with his memories and the resulting shattered reality: Link.


Dr. Richard O’Connor is the Director of the Jesse Marcel Library. He was friends with Jesse Marcel Jr. who, as a boy, handled debris his father showed him from the Roswell crash. Wiki “The item that Marcel said fascinated him the most was a small beam with purple-hued hieroglyphics on it.” According to his wife, Linda Marcel. The Guardian.

Jesse A. Marcel Library, Helena, Montana

We talked about Richard’s book, the current situation in Russia, the memory of a UFO as a child, and unexplained encounter, as an adult, in his home. And – just like he did in the book – he saved the crop circles for last.

UFOs, Nuclear Weapons, and a New Age of Reason, Amazon.
What has become obvious is stated as fact – our civilization is realizing ongoing contact with a separate, intelligent, technologically advanced, other-than-present-day-human civilization referred to in this book as “the Others”. Recent admissions by semi-official Pentagon spokespersons are corroborating what previous US military officers, acting as whistleblowers, have been espousing for more than two decades. 

Amazon Customer Review: “Dr. O’Connor’s book is unlike any I have read and was hard to put down. He provided for me an introduction, well-annotated and footnoted, too many of the mysteries of UFOs, crop circles, the Nazca Mummies, cattle mutilations, alien abductions, and the possibility of ‘the Others’. Tying into these subjects, he also offers a poignant and compelling calling out of our civilization’s insane 75-year obsession with life-on-earth-ending nuclear weapons. I have known Dr. O’Connor professionally for over 40 years, and I have known him to be a very intelligent, deep thinking, compassionate, and honest man.”

Filmed at the Jesse A. Marcel Library, Richard Dennis describes his sighting of a cigar-shaped UFO.

Additional testimonials are posted on Richard O’Connor’s YouTube page.

UFO Denial

Shortly before I spoke with Richard, he heard retired Navy admiral Bobby Ray Inman being interviewed and said Inman denied having any knowledge of UFOs or that they exist. Suggesting there are still some who choose to opt out of addressing a UFO presence.

In an upcoming interview, Award winning Film Maker Lionel Friedberg told me about unexpectedly capturing film footage of a UFO. That footage was then sent to Whiteman in hopes of having it confirmed or explained. The footage was received. However, when contacted for follow-up, Whiteman officials denied having received the footage. Lionel’s book, Forever in my Veins, details an incredible life of adventures including his extraordinary healing from a life-threatening illness through the application of “age-old rituals and powerful healing methods of African shamans.” 

Crop Circle Skeptics, Fans, and Researchers 

PS Magazine 
BBC Stoned Wallabies
Live Science: 3 troublesome issues with this very recent article.
1. Only created during the night. [Andy Thomas seems to refute that.]
2. No pictures of any being created. [Proof?]
3. The number of otherwise reputable organizations parroting the story that most crop circles are a recent phenom of human origin, and citing proof as to the infamous rope and plank British duo [September 1991], Doug Bower and Dave Chorley who said they started their hobby in 1978.

Crop Circle Q & A with Andy Thomas, mystery buster.

Crop Circle Realities. Film. Directed by Darcy Weir. “Makes an interesting case that human beings are not alone in the universe.”

Researcher Colin Andrews, studying Crop Circles since 1983. 
Humanity is on the verge of enormous change. More than a paradigm shift, human consciousness is engaged in a process of integration with a higher mind. The process is occurring through encounters with non-ordinary reality that are known as high strangeness events.
Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews

Connect with Richard O’Connor
The Letter – Crop Circle Research Foundation.
Jesse Marcel Library.

One more thing

Someone is paying attention and we haven’t a clue who “they” really are.

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