Ghost Writer and other Highlights

“I’ve been afraid many times. But I’ve also spent a lot of my time in cemeteries at midnight, I’ve been inside the great pyramids alone. I’ve done a lot of interesting and dangerous things. I trekked through the Himalayas alone. But I’m not courageous or anything. I take chances. A lot of people don’t – they’ll sit in the corner of their insurance office all their lives.” – John Keel


  • Manned Interstellar Travel. Star Trek fiction come to life. “Called the MEGA drive – or the Mach Effect Gravity Assist drive. The most surprising feature of the drive is that its goal is to move at about 40% the speed of light or higher, all without using propellant.” Medium.
  • Pre Ancient Egypt. “Dating the artefacts would delay the invention of writing by more than a millennium and would also change the birthplace of writing, from Mesopotamia to the Danube basin.” Source.
  • Unreal? Jar of Elvis Presley’s hair auctioned for $72,500. Fact: UPI.
  • Fifty years later, Sanderson’s description of the mysterious aqueous phenomenon still remains the most appropriate: “When it comes to something like underwater UAOs, we find that nobody really has a clue as to what is going on.” The Observer Magazine.
  • UFO photo – “Robert Hampston was at his friend Jake Griffiths’ flat in Merchant City when they saw the glowing floating object on Tuesday night at around 11.30pm.” Daily Record.
  • Mixed signals. Pentagon denies knowing the origin of UAPs. U.S. Army is analyzing an alleged piece of a UFO. Source.
  • 1966. Lionel Friedberg, an Emmy award winning Hollywood producer, filmed a UFO. Sent his footage to Project Blue Book – never to be seen again. “When Friedberg followed up with Project Blue Book on what the object was, despite confirming they had received the footage at a previous time, denied ever receiving the footage.” Forever in My Veins: How Film Led Me To The Mysterious World Of The African Shaman. John Hunt Publishing.
  • Crop Circles. Ever the enigma. BBC.
  • Haunted Pub. Footage of moving chair. Unexplained Mysteries.
  • Orbs in the crib. Ghosts of Grandparents? Daily Record.
  • Brilliant. Foil-wrapped home survived the Caldor Fire even as everything around it burned. Source. The “Fire Shields” are made by San Diego-based Firezat.

That’s Entertainment

EPIC trailer: The Matrix Resurrections. Music nails it. Wow!

December 22, In Theaters and HBO Max.

In the Youtube comments: Matrix Explained: “Mr. Anderson, welcome back. We missed you.” Indeed.

Ghost Photography

  • History of Ghost Photography. BBC focuses on the fakers. Belief is another matter. “According to a Harris poll from 2013, 42% of Americans believe in ghosts; a similar poll in 2014 by YouGov suggests 39% of UK citizens believe a house can be haunted.”
  • 2019 YouGov poll numbers show 45% of Americans believe in ghosts. Adding the political element. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to believe in Demons and Vampires. More than one-third of Americans (36%) say that they have personally felt the presence of a spirit or ghost. Just over one in ten (13%) Americans say that they have communicated directly with a ghost or spirit of someone who has died. Source.

Interview Homework

Arrived yesterday – Ghostwriter, The Polaroid Ghost – interview with John Huckert coming up next week. [update: interview link.] He sent me a copy of the polaroid. I love it! This is an extraordinary case.

Ghost Polaroids website.

Ghostwriter: The Polaroid Ghost & Other True Tales of the Paranormal
by Joe Augustyn

Background from the website: On Friday, February 5, 1993, the Fox TV reality show SIGHTINGS examined what may be a landmark discovery in parapsychology: convincing evidence that ghosts exist and can actually communicate with us.

The ghost or spirit calls himself “WRIGHT”. He shows signs of erudition and intelligence, writing many of his messages in Latin. The ghost first appeared on film in March 1992.

According to The Daily Star, there are some 12 thousand photos with messages from the ghost. And the book features several photos and provides translations of the messages.

One exchange resonates for me. Again, these answers are written on the polaroid images.

They ask Wright: “When might you show yourself to us?”
His response: “When you are ready.”
They continue with two questions: “When will we be ready?” “What is stopping us?”
He responds: “Your fear.”

I have had similar instruction from my ET friends. They say we need to work on managing our fear. That is the huge barrier to increased contact of any sort. We Humans have a tendency to read drama into situations and project a negative outlook, creating dragons out of mice. It is a programming default that needs clearing.

There is a wonderful example of that fear issue in the book. One guest decided to show up at their Halloween party dressed as the Grim Reaper. Page 173. The ghost had extra fun with him.

Whatever bravado the guest had showing up in that outfit disappeared when he saw what developed beside him on the film. No sense of humor whatsoever. He promptly left the party.

A Google search will pick up lots of previous articles and interviews. I happen to like one from 2014. The Ghost writer was featured in an October segment: Snap Judgement: The Polaroid Phantom.

Paranormal Encounter on the home front

On a personal side note. We had an unexplained early am house call on the day the book arrived, 9.8.21. Jack wanted out. 2:30 A.M. He headed for the door – then went on full-attack-mode-barking-frenzy.

Andy rounded the corner in time to see Jack chasing a shadow figure. He said it looked more like a dark cloud blob thing than a human figure. It was about the same height as he was but there was no form to it. It glided through the room and seemed to exit through the front door but he lost track in the dark room.

Unsure if that was an exit or simply a hasty dodge to avoid the dog and return when the coast was dog free. Jack has had experience with this type of stuff. He alerted me to a UFO hovering near the bedroom ceiling a few years ago. He seems to have a solid sense of non-corporeal interlopers. Factoring in the nightlight presence and other guardian spirits, we are never alone. Stuff happens. Keeping things lively.

No such thing as coincidence. Someone is checking in. I’ve got lots of irons in the fire at the moment. Whether the book and the visit are linked? Good question. Timing is convenient.

Misc. and Etc.

  • Professor Garry Nolan works in a fantastic lab environment with access to cutting edge technology. At Stanford University. Named after him: Nolan Lab. This little tidbit is good to bookmark. “In his spare time, he uses those same devices to study alleged UFO pieces. In a recent interview with KQED, he explains it wasn’t his idea – he got one of those mysterious calls from the government.” Mysterious Universe.
  • Nessie skeptic now a believer. “Eight-year-old Benjamin Scanlon, from Ickenham, London, captured the sonar image while holidaying with his family last month.” Says he knew how another person faked their photo but when he captured his image – he decided Nessie could indeed be real. Scotsman.
  • Part of a new series called “Who Owns America’s Wilderness?” The Search for America’s Atlantis. The Atlantic.
  • Planet Nine. Getting more real now. Knowing where to look is a start. Salon.
  • Butterflies. A recording. Listen.

All for now. Cheers!

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